Activities to Survive Summer Dayz

It’s not always the easiest to entertain your children 24/7 and sometime you just don’t have the time or energy to play. With summer here for the next few months, it’s important to do a little research on the types of activities, camps, or even library programs that are available to you.

Local libraries offer mommy and me time for babies from birth to age 3, toddler play time and story time, where they can play meet new friends, hear stories and develop their minds and imagination and there are programs for older children ages 5-12 where they can participate in reading programs, learn and play chess, participate in Wii tournaments and extra activities your library may offer. Best of all its free!!

Money can sometimes be a little tight during the summer months, especially when you are out and about more and also vacation. Camps can be costly, but if you’re a working parent – you want and need camps that are full days and that in itself can add up. Check your local, town, city or county sites for summer camp grants that may be available to you. Some camps even work with your income for a budget that makes sense.

Make use of your environment! City and state parks are the ideal space for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages to get Vitamin D, have some swing time at the playground and basically run and run until they tire themselves out. Bring a meal, badminton set, or bubbles or, soccer ball, or even some books to keep them entertained in the great outdoors.

Other fun places like museums are always a good choice.

Think of party places and go during the week for cheaper pricing, - venues with bouncy houses, arcade games, roller skating, bowling, cooking classes, painting classes, etc. We have soooo much around us, we forget about those old school feel good places.

If you have access to a pool – then go!!! Also, you can purchase day passes for pool access at most hotels. Give your local hotel a call. Children looove the pool (and really gets them nice and tired for bed) It’s a win-win for all.

If you have any other ideas or business ideas, please contact us and share!!

- LaToya


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