Cruisin With a One Year Old

Last year was not only our first cruise, but our first cruise with our son. We went on a one week cruise to the French Caribbean through Carnival. Chase was 1 1/2 at the time of our cruise. Below is a complete packing list of things we took with us Feel free to ask about any specific product. 

3-4swim suits with sun-proof shirts - we definitely used all. While we used two per day, the others were able to dry in the cabin 

A comfortable and lightweight stroller that you don’t mind banging around. 

A non-spill cup - in fact I recommend this for the entire family

A&D ointment

Acetaminophen / Tylenol for both adults and babies

Aloe Gel / Cooling lotion

shampoo for adult and baby

Benadryl for both adults and babies

Bottle washer * We found the cutest travel kit on amazon. See main image.

Children’s Dramamine; if your toddler is like mine- forget the sea band, he won't wear it the entire trip. Make sure to check with your doctor first.

coloring book and crayons 

Crib Sheet / blanket

diapers (enough for an extra day just incase you get stranded at the airport)

dish soap

At least two formal outfits for both adults and babies. including dress shoes

Ear drops

eating utensils for baby

first aid kit

food/snacks enough for each day

gas medicine/probiotics or whatever will aid your child with digestion

hair supplies



insect repellent 

iPad / tablet and download your toddler’s favorite movies on it. Do not rely on Wi-Fi 

Lanyard for cruise ID (1 for each family member)

Large and small zip-lock bags to keep everything organized and separated, and plastic bags for wet or sandy clothes.

lotion (baby and adult)

nail clippers 

One or two large garbage bags for all your dirty laundry


portable fan

portable rack


shoe rack for behind door to keep toiletries organized

Sippy cups

small pool/beach toys


stain remover (tide to go)



swim/water shoes

toothbrush and safe to swallow toothpaste

Tote bag for day excursions

Two outfits per cruise day and a couple of dressier ones AND PANTS FOR RAINY/COOLER DAYS

wipes (baby and disinfecting)

- Chanel Rae

travel dry rack.jpg