Keeping Spice and Everything Nice

Are you a parent who can’t even remember when was the last time you had a romantic/exotic night with your spouse or significant other? Or even remember when you said something sexy or sweet?

Isn’t it amazing how little person controls a big part of the romance department or (lack there of) in a relationship?

For the parents who co-sleep with their kids - well you might as well be celibate.

But there is hope! There are a few things adults can do to keep the romance alive. First thing, always make time for a date night, meaning nooooo baby. Find a reliable sitter, someone who is capable of holding things down while you get your groove back. Yes, I know for many moms its a guilt trip going out and leaving baby, butttt get over it. You must have your “me time” as often as your schedule permits or you’ll go crazy. Trust me.

Whatever your “me time” is...movies, paint and sips, the club, bowling, Go karts, brunch, day party, the gym or just plain ol’ drinking at home, just make it all about you. And go for it, have daytime sex, it makes you feel spontaneous ;) (although you probably had to schedule that in) but who cares.

Although babies and kids are way cuter than your significant other, remember to kiss your adult baby too, give them hugs and an occasional butt spank doesn’t hurt either. To be a parent is to be an all rounder. Make it happen. Keep romance alive.


date night.jpeg