Getting Pregnant: NOT as Easy as 1...2...3

So here you are...a point in your life where things are in place and you are ready to commit to being a parent. BUT it’s been weeks, months, even years and nothing has happened.’ve spent your entire life trying NOT to get pregnant now it’s not the easiest to conceive. You think to yourself is something wrong with me? Something wrong with my partner? You get doctors involved and start your research. Trust and believe you are NOT alone. Many personal stories shared amongst friends and family members prove that they as well have had to put in a little extra “work” to get the results they wanted. 

May seem unfair right? If you are experiencing these times right now, it seems as if everyone else on social media or in your social circle just hold hands and become pregnant... don’t fret. Remember that everyone’s journey is different. We don’t know everyone’s struggle or what they overcame to get to this point in their lives.

What are some struggles you deal with towards the journey of pregnancy?

- @ToyStarr