S3 Ep 3 - We’re Having Another Baby!

We’re having another baby y’all!! Listen as LaToya reveals after a small fertility treatment, she is expecting baby number 2 She explains how she told her toddler he was going to be a big brother and his reaction. LaToya also explains how she was hesitant of telling Chanel because of her recent miscarriage. Check out aMommyCast.com and follow @AMommyCast #AMommyCast on all your social platforms!

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S2 Ep 7 - Choosing Your First Family Pet

Choosing a first pet for your family can be very overwhelming. Thankfully Brandi Hunter - Vice President of Public Relations and Communications of the American Kennel Club stopped by to share great advice with Latoya and Chanel. They talk dogs versUs cats, different breeds, costs, grooming, adoption options, and more.

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S2 EP6 - A Mommy Cast - Early Intervention

During their most emotional episode to date Latoya and Chanel sit down with ABA Therapist, ENL Teacher and Author Alvita Tyler. Listen as Alvita shares early intervention sides in toddlers. They share intimate stories of when both Alvita and Chanel realized their sons had a speech delay. Check out aMommyCast.com and follow @AMommyCast #AMommyCast on all your social platforms!

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S2 EP5-Baby Disciplining Bootcamp with Oldman Ebro

Who better than to talk baby disciplining with other than Ebro?! Listen as Ebro shares all of his disciplining suggestions with LaToya and Chanel. They talk about everything from infant sleep training, eating routines, to toddler breakdowns. Ebro is a radio personality on Hot97 and Beats1 of Apple Music. Bigger than that, he a father of a young daughter. Check out aMommyCast.com and follow @AMommyCast #AMommyCast on all your social platforms!


EP 11 - Baby Gadget Galore - Things We Could Not Live Without

These days moms are pretty lucky to have all these baby devices. LaToya and Chanel share what gadgets they couldn’t live without along with the ones they needed to return. Also, have you ever heard of babies with milk allergies? Yeah, that’s a thing.