You, Your Kids and Halloween – Its it the same in recent years?

Sugar rush season is upon us and somehow, some way we always tend to divulge into the treats and the activities of Halloween.

Parents who partake in the festivities often find themselves trying to figure out a last minute costume and grabbing a bag of “they get what they get” candy in hopes that Halloween night goes off without a hitch. With the rising costs of candy, the treats giveaways are measlier in comparison to recent years. Over the past few years, parents have been saying that there has been a decline in trick or treaters due to past weather conditions, safety concerns or just lack of time in this day and age. Parents of toddlers find themselves enrolling their kids into safety trick or treat programs at libraries, trick or treating at the mall or at business establishments a opposed to people’s homes.

Some parents I have spoken to have said that this year, they will not be participating in overseeing their little ones participate in trick or treating and will instead – go out for dinner, have a Halloween themed home cooked dinner or just leave the house so they do not have to hear their door bell ring sporadically. Other parents said they have given their older children responsibility over the younger ones to go on out to a couple of doors and get as many treats as they can before dark.

Halloween as we know it has changed over the years with more concern over safety. What are your Halloween plans for you children this year?