Routines or Nah?

I set my alarm for everything. Yes, even to remember to call my mom, there is an alarm for that. With all there is to remember in my professional, personal, and family life staying organized is key. If its a new routine I want to implement, it needs an alarm or calendar notification.

Children tend to be as habitual as us. I found that if I kept a routine for eating, sleeping, and playtime, Chase and I were happy campers. The more we break routine the harder it is to get back to normal. 

What happens if you and your child can’t get into a routine? I say keep trying until you find something that works for your family. If you have a hectic schedule that changes every week, find ONE thing you can do to keep that consistency even if its something as simple as Saturday morning waffles and cartoons. 

The book I mentioned in episode 10, The New Contented Little Baby Book by Gina Ford, covers everything from preparation for birth, helps you week by week with scheduling, as well as separation tips for when the baby is older. Though the book gives great advice, it is not the end-all manual to parenting. Take the tips you like, but ultimately do what works for you and your family. 

- Chanel Rae 

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